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Buy Top Shelf Dankwoods online

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Buy Top Shelf Dankwoods online

Buy Top Shelf Dankwoods online present to you the most important quality remedial cannabis in a helpful,simple to smoke item.

We take the best sprouts sourced from neighborhood,confided in makers and crease them into our beginning and end chatacteristic papers.

About Dankwoods

Each pre roll is pack in a sealed,air tight chamber to guarantee freshness and a smell free environment.

Total group weight is 3.75g.These joints hit flawless and smooth,has a light and home developed taste.

Hence will leave you with a smooth and magnificent high.

Dankwood Flavors

Wedding Cake

Gorilla Glue


Hardcore OG

Skywalker OG


Mars OG

Nightfall Shelbert

White Fire

Thin Mints

Blue Dream

Tahoe OG

King Louie

Jetfuel OG

Girl Scout Cookies

Ghost OG

Sour Diesel

Purple Haze

Jack Herer

Impacts of Dankwwods

Dankwoods have the accompanying clinical impacts;

Stress,pain,insomnia,lack of craving and sadness.

Different impacts incorporate; Relaxation,happy,creative,uplifted and euphoric.

Negative impacts of Dankwoods are; Dry eyes, anxiousness,dizzyness,dry mouth and distrustful.